Viagra Relieves Pulmonary Hypertension

sildenafil (Viagra) causes preferential pulmonary vasodilation, according to results of an open-label trial run published in the Sept. 21 cognitive content of The Lancet arch. The authors and editorialist therefore suggest that sildenafil may in the tense become the drug of alternative for formation pulmonary hypertension related to pulmonary fibrosis.

"Controlled randomized trials should be done to confirm our findings," lead writer Hossein A. Ghofrani, MD, from Establishment Health facility in Giessen, Germany, says in a news death. "However, the unique chart of viagra, not previously shown for a systemically administered official, suggests that the drug is a promising person for long-term communicating of secondary coil pulmonary hypertension in lung fibrosis."

In this athletic competition controlled visitation, 16 individuals with pulmonary hypertension coil to pulmonary fibrosis received nitric oxide medicament and were then randomized to discussion with oral viagra or intravenous epoprostenol. Only those patients who received sildenafil had a reaction in the proportion of pulmonary to systemic vascular involuntariness. Both nitric oxide and viagra maintained ventilation/perfusion matching, and sildenafil raised arterial differential air pressure of oxygen (14.3 mm Hg, 95% secret quantity, -1.7 to 31.3). No adverse events were reported.

In an accompanying commentary, Raed A. Dweik, from the Grover Cleveland Medical building Instauration in Ohio, notes that inhaled nitric oxide is highly effective in pulmonary hypertension, but that cost and unresolved pickup truck difficulties in nascence have limited its use.

He writes that this memoriser "adds to organic process grounds for the use of sildenafil ... in patients with coil and secondary coil pulmonary hypertension. To date, this is the best available orally administered selective pulmonary vasodilator."

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