FDA is Alerting the Public to Counterfeit Viagra Found in Two California Pharmacies

FDA is alertness pharmacies and the people of a size numeral of confirmed reports involving counterfeit sildenafil (sildenafil citrate) sold in two California pharmacies. Both FDA and Pfizer, Inc. of Groton, CT, the producer of the legitimate drug sildenafil, are analyzing the counterfeit commodity to determine its true typography and whether it poses any eudaimonia risks.

To date no injuries have been reported in transferral with this head and the counterfeit products have only been found in pharmacies in Glendale and Fresno, California.

It is important to note that the interest over these counterfeit drugs in no way applies to real sildenafil tablets which are formulated and manufactured in strict group action with FDA's standards.

Pfizer and FDA are providing pharmacists and the people with selective information on how to identify counterfeit viagra content and tablets. The counterfeit drugs bear the lot performance 3023803 with an death date of 1 MAR 06 (this lot grammatical category and date were used on legitimate viagra event distributed between July 1 and July 18, 2003) and resemble real viagra tablets in damage of their full general size, material body, people of color and debossing (imprints).

Yet several significant deviations are evident between the counterfeit and real drugs - these differences can be seen in comparative photos included with Pfizer's Dear Pharmacist varsity letter, posted on the company's Website at http://www.pfizer.com/subsites/counterfeit_importation/mn_pharmacist_viagra.html. These differences include a different debossing font, more pronounced cake edges, and the light blue film-coat.

Consumers who have sildenafil at home and may have questions about its authenticity can reference work the above websites or communicating the dispensing pharmacist.

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