Sildenafil Associated With High-Risk Behaviors Among MSMs

Among men who have sex with men (MSM), sildenafil use is associated with several high-risk behaviors, US researchers study.

Previous studies suggested that the MSM who use sildenafil (Viagra) may also engage in behaviors that process their risk of acquiring and transmitting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, the authors component part out in the May provision of the Leger of Acquired Immune Demand Syndromes.

Dr. Travis H. Sanchez of the Centers for Disease Ascendency and Prevention and colleagues conducted the HIV Examination Look 2002 to examine sildenafil use and worker correlates of sildenafil use among nearly 1200 MSM.

XI percent of MSM reported viagra use in the past 12 months, the authors making known. Of these subjects, 25% reported having one or two male sex partners, 26% had 3 to 6, 18% had 7 to 12, and 31% had 13 or more male sex partners.

In a multivariate logical thinking, recent viagra use was independently associated with increasing age, existence infected with HIV, increasing ware of male sex partners, unprotected anal carnal knowledge with a nonprimary male relation, and illicit drug use.

Concomitant use of sildenafil and illicit drugs was common, the researchers note, and those who mixed the two drugs were more than twice as likely as others to written report unprotected anal carnal knowledge with a nonprimary male mate and more than twice as likely to making known having a sexually transmitted disease (STD) in the past year.

"The kinship between viagra use, illicit drugs, and sexual risk taking should be further scrutinized to good understand how MSM are using viagra in the discourse of their sexual and drug use activity," the investigators write.

"Viagra use among MSM clients should be of headache for HIV and STD prevention programs because it appears that viagra is associated with certain high-risk behaviors," the authors conclude.

"Additional safe pattern accumulation and prevention counseling related to viagra use among MSM should be incorporated into consumer didactics plans."

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